FPGAs and SoCs for Hardware System Design and Verification

  • Xilinx ZCU104 Evaluation Kit
  • Libertron ZYNQ UltraScale+ XCZU9EG-1FFVB1156E
  • Libertron EDA-V7 mod kit
  • HUINS RPS_7601CT
  • HUINS RPS-760M
  • HUINS VIP-1000

Network-Attached Storage Server for Storing Research Data and Various Files

  • Synology NAS DS918+

Linux Workstation for Hardware Design and Programming

  • SoC Lab Workstation(AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090)

CentOS Server for License Management

  • HP Z600

Workstation (IDLE)

  • SunBlade 2000

Logic Analyzer for Data Signal Analysis

  • Agilent 16803A

Digital Oscilloscope for A/D Signal Analysis

  • Agilent DSO6104A
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